Online Roulette Betting rules

With a tradition of several centuries and a set of rules highly entertaining and easy to understand for any lover of the gambling, roulette is a top game in casinos worldwide.

Hardly you will find a casino, online or real, that does not have in its offer the Roulette game, even if not all will include American Roulette along European Roulette. Overall, though, if you are passionate about games and you like pure gambling, in which inspiration plays and important role, you should try Roulette.

Above I said that the roulette game rules are very simple to understand, and that even if there are many types of games. The most common are games that pay an odd of 1/1, in which your chances of success are close to 50%.

I think we all already know how looks a roulette wheel and how the game runs, but to say that everything is based on the release of a small ball in a wheel that is spinning very fast and the ball landing on a number and on a color.

If you choose to bet on a color, you will choose either red or black, and the payment will be 1/1, which means that you can double your stake. You can double your stake and if you bet on odd or even numbers, and if you go on the first or second half of the numbers from 0 to 36.

But the bolder gamblers will look higher profits, so that a more attractive type of bet might be on dozen. You can bet on one of the three columns of roulette or on one of its dozens (numbers between 1-12, 13-24, 25-36). This bet is paid at 2/1, so you can earn three units with one unit bet.

A more bold method is beting on a group of six numbers, which gives a share of 5/1, while with a five-number bet you can make a profit of six units for each unit of risk. There are bets on four, three, two or even on one number, the latter making a profit of 35 units on every unit you bet.

However, our recommendation is to be modest with the Roulette game, because you can imagine how rarely you can win a bet on a single number or even two, three or four. In addition, you always have to consider the advantage of the house, which includes a zero at the European Roulette, while the Ameroulette consists and a double zero, besides the initial one, both types causing you to lose your odd on a bet.

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