The history of Roulette one of the most attractive gambling

One of the most attractive gambling that you can find in a casino is the Roulette game. It is very simple to play, has a few rules that you can learn in a very short time and the gains can be quite large if you have a lucky day.

But let’s take a look how appeared this game of chance wich nowadays is practiced by many people, both in real casinos, but especially in online casinos.

Roulette history is confused. There are so many myths and facts laced with fantasy. The first indications of this game appear on Roman Empire times. It is said that the soldiers put a cartwheel on the ground, writing numbers around it, placed thier bets, then spin it.

Although the creating of the game is uncertain, many attribute it to the French philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal, whose fascination with perpetual motion led to the first roulette wheel. What makes us think that Pascal was the inventor of roulette, is that the word “Roulette” can be translated as “small wheel”.

Pascal invented the roulette wheel in the twelfth century, and 100 years later there were already several versions of this gambling in England, having something in common with Roulette.

By the late of the 18th century, the first versions of the game that included a single and a double zero were played in casinos in Paris. In 1842 two French brothers, Louis and Francois Blanc, created the first table dedicated to this game. This table is currently used in the European or French tournaments of Roulette games.

At that time gambling were illegal in France. However, Blanc brothers introduced their table game into the gambling halls in Europe and United States. Roulette has quickly gained the sympathy of the gamblers, becoming the most popular table game in the Western world. Many members of the copyright holders have played roulette, this game being immediately called “The King of casino games”.

In a short time, the Prince of Monaco Charles III called on Francois Blanc and his son, Camilleto, to introduce the Roulette game at Monte Carlo. Roulette has become a big explosion at the Monte Carlo, whereas that the first casino created was given to Blancs. Roulette reputation has been strong in the last hundred and fifty years, now being one of the most favored gambling in Monte Carlo casinos. In fact, the roulette wheel is considered the symbol of casinos in Monte Carlo until today.

Now that you know the history and this game, you can start (if you have not already) to play roulette at online casinos that offer the most attractive bonuses to enjoy by this game.

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