The winning roulette systems

If we want to make an analysis of winning roulette systems, we need to turn to statistics and Pivot. In fact it is one of the winning systems for roulette, much followed by professional players because it allows you to never lose sight of the goal of a classic roulette player, or the winning bet.

 This is one of those winning systems where you have to mark every roulette number that came out per spin, where you need to find the winning numbers. Then we explain to you how to do it: we observe all the numbers that are coming out and we mark them in a table, as soon as a number is repeated, we identify it and mark it as a pivot number, that is the number to play and which will be winning. So let’s proceed to play up to a maximum of 36 times our identified number and don’t lose sight of it because it could be your luck. However, there are many winning systems for roulette, everyone is famous for a peculiarity.

 Then our intent is to suggest the right way to play and interact with the instrument so as not to grope, in a totally random way, once stopped at the gaming table.

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